The time is right for hassle-free manuals for software and processes.
Made in Germany, the heartland of SAP.

How it works


You send us your recording, we deliver your manual.

Step 01

You record a screencast of your process.

Step 02

You provide us with your screencast via a download URL.

Step 03

We create your SAP manual including screenshots.

Step 04

You receive your SAP documentation.



Minimal investment

All you need is a screencast tool (e.g. the free tool Camstudio), a head-set, and your SAP expert in front of the computer, recording the process for us.

No set-up fee, no long-term contract

Thanks to formalized templates and processes, we can offer our basic service with minimal set-up effort. You only pay what you order.

Total control over the results

Your screencast will be processed by human beings with expertise in the field of SAP and software documentation and will be delivered to you as a Word document. You can then edit and process it as you desire.

You are service provider for an end customer?

Outsource the time-killing creation of the basic SAP documentation to us and profit from our reseller program.

Everything else is optional

As addition or as stand-alone orders, many other services are possible, for example

  • templates customized for your corporate design
  • training and support
  • translation of SAP manuals and GUIs
  • delivery in other formats or directly into a Wiki
  • integration or move of old documents into a new template

Contact Us


For an online presentation or for a free trial run with a screencast of your own, please contact us.

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